Corporate Data

Name International Academic Publishing Company, Limited
Established July 15, 1951
President Takeshi Kasai
Number of Employees 102
Head Office 358-5, Yamabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801, Japan
Principal Businesses Association Management, Strategic Consultation and Planning, Financial Management, Membership Management and Relations, Publication, Printing, Website Hosting and Maintenance, Conference and Seminar Management


The Founder, Mr. Yasuyori Kasai, was born in 1909 in Yamanashi Prefecture. His cousin, Juji Kasai was awarded Ph.D. of Political Economics from Graduate School of Harvard University after graduated from Yale University. He founded “International Printing Company” in Japan associated with Yasuyori Kasai. He aimed to initiate the activity to develop English academic printing in Japan to enlighten Japanese people as Japanese resources have been limited. After the World War II, “International Academic Printing Company” was separated from “International Printing Company” in 1951.
Our company has been developed with a motto, “Printing Type is Mother of Civilization while Printing is a Flower of Culture.”
Our company engaged in publishing English journals ordered from overseas companies, “Holden Days,” “Prentice Hall,” “JohnWiley & Sons,” “Addison Wesley,” “Saunders,” “Consultant Bureau”. In 2010, Mr. Takeshi Kasai took over the position of President from Mr. Yasuhiro Kasai, who had been President from 1975, and last year we commemorated the 60th anniversary of the company. We are proud of contributing to the development of academic activities in Japan as we publish more than 100 academic journals and manage more than 90 societies and associations in the various areas of Natural Sciences including Chemical, Physics, Pharmaceutics, Mathematics, Psychology, and so on. We continue to contribute to development of academic activities and scientific technologies through providing with “better services” and “creativity”.
We hope that the business relationships with customers will be strengthened and our relationship will bring out more fruitful results.